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As you prepare to come, here is some information about Ecuador and where you will be staying.



In the Quito airport, you will go through immigration, retrieve your luggage, and proceed through customs.  Make sure you keep your claim tickets for your luggage, as you will need them at this point.


Click here for details on Arriving in Quito


NILI staff members will meet you at the airport after you exit customs.  Look for a sign that says "Bienvenidos a NILI!"


Ecuador uses the US dollar.  You can get cash at ATM machines.  MasterCard and Visa may work at some of the larger stores/events.  Personal checks or Travelers checks are not accepted.  Just as in any large city, you need to be careful for petty theft of all personal items such as wallets, purses, cameras, etc.  It is also best if you keep your apartment locked when no one is there.


The living quarters for NILI are on the Nazarene Seminary in Quito. You will be sharing a dorm room with a Latin student.  Each room has a private bathroom.  You will need to bring your own towels.  Sheets and blankets will be provided.  If you have room, you can bring a favorite pillow.  We have washers and dryers available for laundry (with a per-load charge), or you can do your laundry by hand like some of our students.

• A flexible attitude

• Camera, batteries, chargers

• Personal items

• Towel

• Bible

• WATER BOTTLE (important for trips)

• Swim suit (women:  one piece or tankini—modesty is important)

• Sun glasses and hat

• Variety of clothes for springtime climate:  for sports, for the variety of climates, for church (business casual), for work, for class

• Jacket or light-weight coat  (It can get cold in the evenings and mornings)

• Textbooks (only if you want to write in and keep)

• Spanish/English Dictionary

• Passport

• Insect repellent with deet

• Gift from college bookstore with school logo for your roommate ($10.00 limit)(optional)

• Laundry bag for taking laundry to and from washing machines



• EXTRA SPACE IN YOUR SUITCASE-you will want to buy many souvenirs and gifts So don't load up coming to Ecuador because you will probably be full going home.


These items are OPTIONAL but have proved helpful to past NILIs.


The temperature in Quito/Highland regions varies between 60-75F during the day.  At night, temperatures vary from 45-60F.  When the sun shines, the days are warm and the nights are cool.  When it is cloudy or rainy, days are cool also.  Buildings are not heated.

October - May = Rainy Season

June- September = Dry Season

Depending on your health, it might take a few days to get used to the Quito altitude, which is over 9,000 feet.  Symptoms might include headache, shortness of breath and fatigue.  When traveling to the coast, the Galapagos or the jungle, the weather is hot (tropical).

• Underwater Camera

• Good walking shoes, sandals, water shoes for island hikes-Chacos, Tevas or Crocs are great!

• Long sleeve shirt or rashguard

• Head lamp/flashlight

• Motion sickness medicine (Bonine is non-drowsy)

• Ginger Pills (also helps with sea sickness)

• Address for family and friends


All books will be provided.  Below is a list of books that will be used.

• Bretz, Dvorak, Kirschner, Bransdorfer.  Pasajes Lengua-5th Edition.

• Canteli & Reynolds. Repase y escriba-4th Edition. New York: Wiley & Sons, Ascarrunz de Gilman, Graciela y Marian Zwerling Sugano. Horizontes Gramaticales.  New York : Harper & Row.

• Elmer, Duane.  Cross-Cultural Connections.

• Gonzalez, Justo L. and Zaida Maldonado Perez.  An Introduction to Christian Theology.

• Kendris, Christopher.  501 Spanish Verbs- 5th edition

• Sire, James.  Habits of the Mind: Intellectual Life as a Christian Calling.

If you would like your own personal copy, you should bring this with you.  (The books used this semester will also be used for future semesters of NILI.)  You will need to bring your own notebooks, pens, index cards, etc.  If you have a laptop, this would be helpful.  We have wireless hotspots on campus.  Keep in mind that you will be living in a South American Country, and Internet access may be sporadic.

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