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NILI invites both Undergraduate students and Business Professionals to experience a Spanish immersion program like no other. What makes the NILI experience better than other programs is our belief that to become truly proficient in a language you have to be immersed into that language. Come join us.


The NILI Undergrad Program invites traditional undergraduate students to participate in a semester-long Spanish immersion program in the heart of the Andes Mountains, in Quito, Ecuador.  Travel to the exotic Galapagos Islands.  Climb the towering Mount Chimborazo.  Visit the native Waorani Tribe in the heart of the Amazon Jungle.  Do all this while perfecting your Spanish and living among Ecuadorian, Peruvian, and Colombian Seminary students!


Prepare for a semester full of language study, ministry and travel.


Spring/Fall Semesters:

• 15 week program

• 4 three week blocks of Spanish classes

• Ministry in Quito

• 3 TRAVEL WEEKS INCLUDING Galapagos, Jungle and Ministry


Summer Semester:

• 8 week program

• 2 three week blocks of Spanish classes

• Travel - same as spring and fall

• Same activities as spring and fall semesters - but much faster!



Spring Semester - January 15-May 2

Summer Semester - May 21 - July 18

Fall Semester - August 13 - November 28




For the Undergrad students, NILI offers the "HomeStay" Experience. This is an opportunity to live with an Ecuadorian host family rather than on the Seminary Campus.


The student keeps all the structure and opportunities of a student living on campus, but with the experience of living with an Ecuadorian family!


Whether you are on a sabbatical, seeking professional or ministerial development, or taking your family abroad for an extended period, the NILI Professional Program offers Spanish immersion for families and non-traditional students alike!


Professional Immersion Program:

• Study and live on the Seminary Campus

• Intense course work - up to 4 hrs/day, 5 days/week

• Develop relationships

• Learn the culture

• Opportunity to travel

• Build on your relationship with Christ


Want to study with NILI, but can't make it to Ecuador?  Want to continue in your Spanish education?


Immerse yourself in rich Spanish training from home with NILI Online.  Courses are taught by professional, native Spanish-speaking instructors who are eager to help you take your Spanish to the next level!

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